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How To Buy Used Plastic Molding Equipment

molding equipmentConsidering the number of plastic molding companies that have gone out of business in the past decade, it comes as no surprise that there are some true bargains to be found, if you are looking for used plastic molding equipment.

Numerous dealers around the country and globe specialize in finding high quality, low hour used equipment and then sell it at a bargain rate. With some diligent shopping you can certainly find almost anything you are looking for, at a good price.

Typically, you will find all manner of hydraulic and electric injection molding machines for sale. From the small Arburg 38.5 ton U-Frame molding machine to the huge 1430 Ton LG Goldstar used injection molding machine, you will find everything else in between.

Auxiliary equipment

You can easily find things such as the Nelmor Granulator Model G1215P1,1995, 12x15x10 HP Top feed hopper for a good price. Other granulators are usually not too hard to locate either.

Thermolators, such as a Thermal Care Model AQW0203 chiller are sometimes found at a bargain price.

Conair sprue pickers for various size machines are also a typical piece of equipment found.

Double drum tumblers for mixing resin can also b frequently found.

Usually, with a good working relationship with the used plastic molding equipment dealer you can make some requests for specific types of items and he will do his best to locate whatever you need. Sometimes you just need a little patience.

Used plastic molding equipment


Air compressors Cabinets Chillers Conveyors


Cooling tanks Towers Cutters
Blow molders


Dust collectors



Fork lifts

Hot runners

Hot stamping


Packaging lines




Shrink wrappers Surge bins Industrial vacuums

This is just a partial list of the machinery that you most likely need to run an efficient plastic molding operation. Especially for a start-up company, it makes a lot of sense to start out small, finding used equipment to keep costs down in the beginning.

Obviously, it takes a lot of specialized equipment to meet the need, so it only makes financial sense to start out with high quality tools at a reduced price. It is always a good idea to start out rather slow and work your way up in the ranks. This gives a chance to build up experience and gradually learn the process from the ground up without having a huge financial burden






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